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NuCentury Textile Services is exclusively devoted to serving the needs of restaurateurs and hospitality providers. Customer satisfaction is our number-one priority and it’s a goal we continually meet!! No Doubt, the key to our exceptional services begins with our customer focused delivery team. Our services include:

  1. Tablecloth linen in over 10 styles and shapes including rounds
  2. Napkin linens in over 18 colors
  3. Bar Towels
  4. Wash cloths
  5. Sheets
  6. Chef coats
  7. Chef pants
  8. Cook shirts
  9. Bib aprons
  10. Bar aprons
  11. Server aprons
  12. Bistro aprons
  13. Logo mats
  14. Scraper mats
  15. Anti fatigue mats
  16. Restaurant Mats
  17. Soap and Soap dispensers
  18. Paper towels/Paper towel dispensers
  19. Toilet tissue/Toilet tissue dispensers
  20. Gloves/hairnets/hats
napkin linens cook pants server shirt cook shirt chef hat and coat
restaurant mat chef hat server aprons server shirt cook pants
chef pants server apron chef pants tablecloth linens chef coat
cook shirt chef coat chef shirt napkin linens cook shirt